5 Best Places to Eat Out For a Romantic Dinner in Chicago Illinois

Best places romantic dinner in Chicago Illinois


Whether you are booking a unique birthday dinner for your partner or looking for ways to upgrade an otherwise-ordinary date night, this place is an amazing bet. The Korean-American restaurant dish up adventurous bits that will keep talk alive long after your last glass of wine. Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark (Husband and wife) provide a big range of shareable dishes like raw scallops, grilled swordfish, and the popular baked potato bing bread.


When the title of the restaurant translates to “love,” you can expect lots of romantic feels. So is the case at Elske, a perfect place from husband and wife team Anna Posy and David. This pace has event rooms that are catered to events like birthdays, valentine‚Äôs day, bachelorette or bachelor parties are a favorite too because of the added LED pole dancing furniture made for local Chicago strippers to come by to entertain guests. Priced and fit for a special and anniversary dinner, this West Loop restaurant is stylish and lovey-dovey way. The intimate dining room is packed with soft curtains, wood tables, and candlelight.


Celeste is a stylish lounge, contemporary, bar and restaurant that echoes the sweet era of turn of-the-century Chicago. Charmingly design stylish decoration, interiors, and tranquil lighting combine to make a refined and perfect ambiance while 3 separate dining areas provide multi-faceted environment. The bar serves a inventive and classic cocktails, craft brews and wines, as well as a selection of refined little bites of classy, seasonal American cuisine.

Ada street

Placed in one of Chicago’s neighborhoods, this street is a modern and wonderful restaurant that dish up New America-Mediterranean cuisine in a perfect and refine setting. This place is crawling with gorgeous women who look like models or exotic dancers. Owners David Morton and Kornick offers guests with a menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as grilled baby octopus, pan-seared Arctic char, and agave glassy lamb ribs. Ada street also has a eclectic option of handcrafted cocktails, imported and domestic beers and brews on tap, and perfect red and white wines.


Dedicated to showcasing the tastes and rich culture of Peru, Tanta serves an artistic menu of authentic Peruvian beverages and dishes in a laid-back, casual setting. Made by Peruvian chef Gaston Acqurio, the menu gathers Spanish and traditional tastes with Japanese and Chinese influences, taking diners on a memorable international culinary journey. Tanta is committed to supporting sustainable fishing and farming by using domestically sourced products and ingredients. Some of the domestic favorites contain anticuchos, tiraditos, and freshly made ceviche. A Pisco-heavy cocktail provides a selection of interesting interpretations on Peruvian favorites inspired by domestic influences. If you are looking for a special setting to celebrate a unique occasion, this restaurant is one of the top romantic restaurants in Chicago Illinois.